Terms and Conditions

Cashfat Terms and Conditions

#1: If the payment made on the merchant page fails for any reason, please repeat the process yet again, by clicking on Cashfat and repeating the purchase.

#2: You will not get any cashback on the taxes and delivery charges. You won’t get any cashback on orders made on the mobile app either.

#3: You will not be given any cashback on returns, product cancellations or exchanges.

#4: In order to get cashback for purchases made on any online retailer, it is important to begin your shopping trip on Cashfat. Please use the special link on Cashfat to make your purchase at the online retailer of your choice.

#5: You will not be awarded any cashback on any purchase made using store credits or gift vouchers.

#6: Any cashback awarded to you is not applicable to taxes or delivery charges, or for that matter any orders made by the mobile app.

#7: The cashback is only rewarded on the completion of LEGITIMATE transactions.

#8: Any accounts that are found to be involved in cheating or gaming the system, or engaged in any sort of fraudulent activity will be banned immediately and any cashback given to them is deemed to have been forfeited.

#9: Some transactions may be tracked at a different rate than the usual, but the cashback will be rewarded once the merchant confirms the transaction.

#10: Any transactions that make use of promo codes or coupon code that are not explicitly approved by Cashfat will NOT be awarded any cashback.

#11:  You must click through Cashfat using the "Get Cashback" and visit the store in the same window to make the purchase in order to qualify for the cashback.

#12: Occasionally, for various technical reasons, your transaction may not get reported for the cashback. In that case, we request you to kindly submit a “Missing Cashback” query on our site, within 90 days of the transaction.

#13: It is possible that the merchant may not be entirely forthcoming with regards to the untracked cashback. You may fully expect us at Cashfat to try out best to retrieve the untracked cashback. But we reserve the right to halt an inquiry at any point of time.

#14: Please note the information displayed on this site may be out of date occasionally, despite our best efforts. In that case, we request you to kindly bear with us.