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American Swan 

American Swan is a top international fashion and lifestyle brand that has recently been making strong waves in India.  If you are crazy about fashion, you should definitely look at American Swan as an option. American Swan sells trendy clothing, sunglasses, footwear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches and personal care products for both men and women. The company offers a slew of offers in various price categories. You will never run out of things you want to buy on American Swan.

What’s So Special About American Swan?

American Swan is a world renowned international fashion and lifestyle brand. It is unique in a lot of ways as it combines high fashion with a very personalized, individualized style to create a vast range of products in every category. The company has the popular tagline “As I Am”, which it uses to market its products to young people.

American Swan does not compromise on the personal style quotient of the young people of today, even as it offers products made from materials of the highest quality. The company offers everything from chic women’s clothing to sturdy, comfy and easy to wear men’s apparel.

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Top Selling Categories on American Swan

American Swan has the tagline As I Am. So as you might expect, you can choose from a vast variety of stylish clothes from American Swan that suit every personality. With the fabulous clothes on American Swan, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and mark your individuality.

Apparels – For men, American Swan has an array of shirts, t-shirts, blazers, jackets and more. For women, you can choose from pullovers, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, denim jackets, sweatshirts, fashion tops and semi casuals. Both men and women can choose from a number of options in sportswear and swimwear.   

Footwear – American Swan is perhaps one of the best websites in India for buying shoes, sandals, flip flops, high heels, boots, sneakers, loafers and more. Women can choose from stilettos to wedges, pumps to flats, peep toes to bellies and much more. Men can choose from casual shoes to sports shoes. There are running shoes, athletic shoes, martial arts shoes and much more.

Accessories – American Swan offers a range of matching accessories to go with your choice of clothing, such as sunglasses, belt, bags, socks, wallets, watches, scarves, fashion jewelry and much more. You can now buy from even the most expensive brands at unbelievable prices – only at American Swan.

Shopping on American Swan

American Swan is an international lifestyle brand that sells the best products at affordable prices.

Cash on Delivery – American Swan offers cash-on-delivery option for purchases made within Rs. 999.

Returns Policy – American Swan offers an easy returns policy. Just send an email to or call their customer service desk at 0120-718-4680 for more information on this.

Shipping – American Swan ships to all cities and towns in India. They offer free shipping except for purchase within Rs. 499, in which case, a shipping fee of Rs. 49 is charged.

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