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There’s no better way to start the day than with the humble chai, or tea. For many of us, tea is an absolute essential. It helps us see through the day, ready to take on any challenge at work. Tea is an instantly refreshing drink that gives you the energy you need when you’re particularly tired or exhausted. Tea is also the most popular drink in India.

But you have no doubt observed how difficult it is to get a clean glass of tea in India, especially in cities, close to our workplaces. Most people have no choice but to have tea at roadside eateries outside their offices, which are generally unhygienic. Another option is to take tea prepared from tea bags, which is hardly as delicious as

Chai is the most popular beverage in India, but it’s so difficult to get a quality cup of tea in the country. This is the gap in the market place which is addressed by Chai Point. Chai Point may be described as the Café Coffee Day of tea in India. It takes the concept of the humble tea shop to a much higher level and provides the quality cup of chai that every Indian needs.

Chai Point has stores in dozens of cities in India including Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida and Pune. There are new Chai Point outlets opening up almost every day in India. The company has even opened a store in Karachi, Pakistan, which goes to show the extent of their ambition.

ChaiPoint offers tea is several different types such as green tea, iced tea, food, shakes and latte. You will love the unique tea flavors that are available such as masala tea, ginger tea, lemon tea and chai latte. There are flavors of exotic fruits such as Cranberry, Mango and Apple and more.

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What the Bestselling Beverages Available at ChaiPoint?

Shakes and Latte –Okay, you’re in the mood for something to cool you down. We know how it’s like in the hot Indian climate and the busy traffic. So head out to a Chai Point outlet and order a shake or a latte of different flavors such as Tiramisu, Paan Kulfi, Chocolate, Mango and Strawberry.

Snacks & Breakfast – You are really hungry, you didn’t even have your breakfast. Hurry up, order something sumptuous at Chai Point offers such as Muffin, Cake, Samosa, Sandwich, Brownie, Classic Maggi, or Poha.

Iced Tea – Only those of us who have had iced tea at Chai Point know how delicious. The company offers iced tea in a number of flavors such as Spice Mango, Apple, Cranberry, Lemonade and Green Chai coupons.

Combo Offers: You can order special combo offers at Chai Point for a nice little discount such as Uniflask, Banana cake and Multigrain biscuit, Lemon Uniflask & Vermicelli, Ginger Uniflask and Chinese Poha, and many other healthy combinations.

Tips for Ordering Tea and More at Chai Point

Chai Point has several different options for ordering tea. You can choose to place an order by phone or online. You can order online by using the special Chai Point coupons available at Cashfat and earn a cashback on your purchase as explained earlier.

All tea at ChaiPoint is imported from exotic locations such as the vast and expansive tea fields of Assam and Darjeeling. Assam and Darjeeling are, of course, the most popular tea growing regions of the world. The tea leaves grown in these regions are known for their strong flavor, great texture and brilliant taste.

Chai Point has a big business selling tea to corporate across India through an initiative called ‘chai@work’. The company offers freshly brewed beverages to offices across India during their working hours. The set up a mini store in large companies and provide the freshest beverages to employees.

You can also order tea at Chai Point through their app. The Chai Point app is available for free for both iOS and Android. It has been designed very elegantly indeed.

Chai Point uses third party payment processors or payment gateways for securely processing all online payment information. We suggest having a look at their privacy policy first if you are worried about what would happen to your personal information at their website.

We can assure you that your privacy will be given all the respect it deserves. Any personal information that is collected by ChaiPoint is only used to provide quality user experience to all customers, that’s all. The company does not exchange your personal information with third party sources.

ChaiPoint has outlets all over India. You will probably have an outlet close to your home, just have a look at the website You will find a map that which points out the Chai Point outlets that are closest to your house or office. Just remember to use the offering Chai Point coupons got from Cashfat while making an order!

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