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Healthkart India is one of the most promising ecommerce companies in India, which is referred to as the Flipkart of sports healthcare and fitness products. The company stocks a variety of nutritional supplements and gym equipment, all at very low prices.

Some of the best selling products sold by Healthkart include protein supplements from brands such as Muscleblaze (including the popular Muscleblaze Whey), BCAA, Dymatize, and Davisco. Lean mass gainers such as Endura Mass and Dymatize mass gainer are popular too.

The company sells multivitamins and minerals and other nutritional supplements such as Vitamin A, B protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, retin A, D-aspartic acid, biotin, fish oil, apple cider vinegar, omega 3, zinc 50 mg, and amino 1. Bodybuilding supplements such as Creatine, Isopure and Whey Protein are also very popular. 

 l carnitine, l glutamine, pantocid l, l lysine, l tyrosine, l glutathione, l-leucine and l arginine are some of the health supplements sold by the company.  The company stocks products from popular brands such as Amway, Healthviva, I Pill, Hydroxycut, Incredio, Nebulizer, Nutrilite and Garcinia Cambogia. 

Protein shaker, protein bars, shaker free, supplements, slimshake, HK Smart Shakers, fat burners, lean mass gainers, energy drinks, green coffee, and e cigarettes are the other popular products sold by the company.

Healthkart delivers products to over 1000 cities and towns in India. So regardless of where you are from in India, whether you are from Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Kolkata, or for that matter anywhere else, the best fitness and healthcare products are just a mouse click away, at Healthkart.

Healthkart Review – The Healthkart Story

Healthkart has come a long way since 2011, the year it was established.  It is now a premier online seller of nutrition and fitness products. The company is backed by top venture capitalists Sequoia Capital and no longer stocks over-the-counter drugs.

This, according to Sameer Maheshwari, the CEO and founder of Healthkart, is a deliberate strategy. Mr. Maheshwari says, "We are re-orienting ourselves into a vertical player in fitness and nutrition. Initially we started with OTC drugs but later we saw a bigger opportunity in nutrition and fitness products which is potentially a 2 to 3 billion dollar market in India." 

The best selling private brands on Healthkart are protein supplement brands such as Muscle Blaze, Incredio, a popular weight loss supplement and HealthViva, a popular lifestyle brand.

Healthkart has also launched 1mg, the newly branded version of Healthkart Plus. 1mg is a network of online pharmacies which is active in 30 cities across India. Much of the growth achieved by the company has been made possible by the Rs 100 crore it has raised from Maverick Capital Ventures and other top investors such as Sequoia Capital India and Omidyar Network.

Healthkart plans to invest heavily into product development, analytics and intends to expand the leadership team.  The Healthkart app is also very popular. It allows people to look for substitutes and compare market prices. Prashant Tandon, CEO at 1mg, explains, "Within a year, the app became exponentially popular raking in 1-million downloads while no other similar app has close to 1-lakh downloads. Consumer engagement was tremendous."

Clearly, Healthkart is a company on the move and many analysts have great expectations from the company. A report by Tech in Asia described Healthkart as one of the 4 healthtech start-ups that could soon be unicorns in India.

What are the Best Selling Products on Healthkart?

Bodybuilding: Bodybuilding products are by far the best selling category on Healthkart. You can shop for bodybuilding supplements from top brands such as Muscleblaze, Dymatize and MuscleTech. You can look for whey protein, Creatine and Isopure protein supplements and more. Lean mass gainers such as Endura Mass are popular too.

Weight Loss: You can shop for some of the best weight loss products and solutions on Healthkart. Weight loss supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia are very popular. You can also buy medicines, meal replacement shakes or protein shakes and energy bars, herbs and fitness equipment that help you shed fat faster.

Healthy Living:   Healthkart stocks a variety of medicines for heart health, diabetes care, building immunity, strengthening bones and improving flexibility of the joints.

Vitamin Supplements: Healthkart stocks a wide range of vitamin supplements such as melatonin, probiotics, forskolin and more. You can shop for multivitamins from top brands such as Herbalife and Amway.

Ayurveda and Herbs: Ayurveda medicines and wellness products are very popular too. You can now shop for 100% natural solutions to diabetes, weight loss and digestion and look for products such as spirulina, ginseng and apple cider vinegar. 

Fitness Equipment: Healthkart stocks a variety of gym essentials, fitness equipment, exercise machines and much more.  They also deliver these products to your doorstep and with zero shipping charges.

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