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Get Flat 40% Off On Dominos Pizza + Up To 0.70% Cashback

Domino's Pizza Offer At Nearbuy. Get Flat 40% Off On Dominos Value Voucher. One Voucher Valid Per Person. Offer Valid All Outlet In India. Offer Not Valid ONly Airport Outlets. Valid Only For Online Orders. User Nerabuy Dominos Voucher Or Nerabuy Dominos Coupons To Grab The Deal. No COupon Code Required At Time Of Placing Order.

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Get Flat 33% Off On Innovative Film City Entry Tickets + Up To 7% Cashback

Get Flat 33% Off On Innovative Film City Entry Tickets. Tickets Valid Over 25 Attractions Like Tribal Museum, Archery, Magic Show, Mirror Maze, Dino Park, Fossil Museum, Cartoon City, Beach, Water Park, Wax Museum And So Many. Voucher Valid One Per User. Get Innovative Film City Coupons From Cashfat And Also Get Up To 7% Cashback. Get More Information Click On The Offer.

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Flat 30% Off On Inox Cinemas Voucher + Up To 7% Cashback

Flat 30% Off On Inox Cinemas Value Voucher. Valid Across India In All Cities Like Mysore, Nashik, Udaipur, Madurai, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, coimbatore, Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, Jodhpur And Many More. Value Voucher Valid For One Transaction Only. Use Nearbuy Promo Code At Checkout.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free On Hot & Cold Drinks At CCD + Up To 7% Cashback

Bogo Offer At CCD - Buy 1 One Get One Free On Hot Abd Cold Drinks At Cafe Coffee Day. Offer Valid From 5-Aug-2016 To 15-Dec-2016. Offer Valid For All Users Across India. Offer Valid On All Days. Offer Valid On 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM. No Promo Codes Required At Time Of Placing Order.  

Get Flat 40% Off On KFC + Up To 7% Cashback

Get Flat 40% Off On KFC. Offer Valid For All Users Across India. Offer Valid For Limited Time Only. Offer Valid On The Products Displayed On Landing Page. For More Details Checkout The Offer Page. No Discount Coupons Code Required At Time Of Buying KFC Deal From Nearbuy.

Save Flat 20% Off On PVR Cinemas Value Vouchers + Up To 7% Cashback

Save Flat 20% Off On PVR Cinemas Value Vouchers. Offer Valid For All Usres Across India. Offer Valid For Limited Time Only. Not Valid @ PVR Director's Cut & PVR Oppulent Mall | Can be used for Off-line purchases at PVR's Box Office | Not Valid On F&B Vouchers. One Voucher Valid For One Customers. User Also Get Additional 7% Cashback When They Placed Order Through Cashfat. No Discount Coupons Required At Time Of Checkout.

Save Flat 30% On INOX Cinema Value Voucher + Up To 7% Cashback

Get Flat 30% Off On INOX Cinema Value Vouchers. Voucher Valid For One Per User. Offer Valid On For All Users Across India. Offer Valid On All Cities In India. User Also Get Up To 7% Additional Cashback When They Placed Order Through Cashfat. No Voucher Codes Required At Time Of Placing Order.

Get Flat 18% Off On Dunkin Donuts + Up To 7% Additional Cashback

Get Flat 18% Off On Dunkin Donuts. Offer Valid For All Users Across India. Offer Valid On Selected Cities In India. No Minimum Purchase Required To Avail This Offer. No Voucher Codes Required At Time Of Placing Order.



Nearbuy, formerly known as Groupon India, is India’s very first hyper-local online platform. Nearbuy connects buyers to local merchants and serves as an interface between buyers and sellers at the local level. Whether you want to book a dinner for two, go on a walking tour of your city or would like to relax at a spa, Nearbuy can arrange it for you.

For local merchants, Nearbuy allows them to benefit from the power of its brand, so that customers can discover their businesses faster. At present Nearbuy has a presence in 35 cities across India and sells products in over 18 categories. The company has over 50,000 merchants spread across 100,000+ locations.

Nearbuy is active in the following cities: Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Agra, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhopal Chandigrah, Delhi-NCR, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Goa, Indore, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Lavasa, Lucknow, Noida, Nagpur, Nashik, Surat, Thane, Udaipur, Vadodara, Vizag and Vijayawada.

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Nearbuy is a highly interactive platform which connects customers to local merchants and to the products and services that they are looking for. Are you searching for the best Nearbuy offers for Dominos Pizza, PVR, INOX, KFC, Essel World, Imagica, Barbeque Nation, Paytm or Freecharge 550? You can now get that on more on Nearbuy via Cashfat.

You can get the best Nearbuy Dominos offer, you can get a haircut, book a movie ticket, get extra 50 off on buffet or food coupons, get a Nearbuy 150 off On 600 voucher, or a 150 off coupon, grab Nearbuy travel offers and much more. You can also benefit from the special Neabuy deals for first time users.

Cashfat is of course the best cashback and coupon website in India. It doesn’t matter which city you’re from in India, Nearbuy has a presence in over 35 cities and you can now avail of the Nearbuy cashback offers on Cashfat and earn money with every purchase made with a local merchant.

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Nearbuy Review

Nearbuy, founded by dynamic young entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo has achieved the impossible. It has rebranded itself from its old name of Groupon India and gone on to achieve great success. Indeed, Nearbuy is as big a name in India today as Groupon.

Nearbuy still operates in the same way as it did as Groupon India, except for the change in brand name. The company has grown by 500 percent since its branding a year ago and has over 50,000 merchants, up from 18,000 it used to have as Groupon India.

As Ankur Warikoo, the Nearbuy CEO says “The technology was not ours, the marketing investment decisions were made by the global headquarters. But ever since we have become independent through the management buyout, we’ve developed our own technology, processes, and culture,”

Nearbuy now wants to be much more than just a deal site. As of now, the company serves food & beverages, fitness, spa, salon, movie, events, and travel.

Indeed, according to Ankur, travel is at present their biggest focus area: “Travel always remains the core focus, and we want to dominant leisure travel in this country. We don’t want to be in the business travel one-night stays but more of the quick getaways, the short vacations.”

Nearbuy has a different business model compared to other retailers in India as it does not offer discount in physical products. Instead it passes the discounts and deals to consumers through its special deals with offline merchants such as owners of hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms and bars.

Nearbuy directly competes with Paytm’s Little and InfoEdge’s Mydala. It is the dominant player in the deals sector, which is still an emerging story in Indian ecommerce. There is still a large cloud hanging over the financial viability of this segment of ecommerce, but as far as Nearbuy is concerned, the story is, so far, so good.

Nearbuy Offers: What are the Best Selling Offers on Nearbuy?

Are you bored of having to visit the same coffee shop every weekend? Why not try something new? You can now get the best discounts on most coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, haircut saloons and more in your city with Nearbuy. You can now benefit from our Nearbuy cashback offers on movie tickets, sporting and cultural events, rock concerts and much more.

Here are the best selling categories on Nearbuy…

Food and Drinks: You can now look for discounts on your favorite fast food outlets such as Dominos Pizza, KFC, Barbeque Nation and more. You can wine and dine at a fancy restaurant or bar at a discount.

Spa and Massage: Have you always wanted a full spa treatment for yourself but felt that most of the spas in your city were too expensive? Fear not, you can now get the best deals on Nearbuy on spas in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and 35 other cities in India. Beauty and Salon: Get a fancy new haircut, get a full treatment for your face, body and nails with our Nearbuy coupons.

Health and Wellness: Do you need to visit a dentist urgently? Maybe you need an eye checkup, or a hair transplant, perhaps? Do check out our Nearbuy offers.

Gym and Fitness: It’s time to focus on your fitness. You can now get the best deals on Zumba classes, weight loss treatments, Martial Arts sessions at Nearbuy. Get stronger, leaner and fitter with our Nearbuy gym coupons.

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