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Tolexo is an ecommerce company that is targeted at buyers of industrial products. If you’ve a business and are looking for office supplies for your new corporate building, or want to buy safety products for your construction workers, then Tolexo is just where you should be.

You will find industrial goods at the best possible prices at Tolexi. You can look for big discounts on LED lights, safety products and several other products. In fact, there are over 1 million products available at the Tolexo website.

The most popular products on Tolexo include shoes, LED bulbs, sports shoes, drill machine, angle grinder, boots, accessories for car bike, blower, blog, bathroom fittings, bike accessories, casual shoes, ceiling fans, electrical, tools expo, fire extinguisher, formal shoes, fans, Tolexo footwear, gloves, gumboots, hand tools, heat gun, helmet, hand gloves, hardware, LED light, multimeter, plumbing, pump, tool kit, vernier caliper, weighing scale, and welding machine.

Indeed, Tolexo hasn’t been around for too long and is already the biggest B2B ecommerce marketplace in India for industrial products. That’s the niche the company has targeted specifically.

Tolexo sources products from major national and international brands such as Bata, Finolex, Alpha, LG, 3M, Syska LED, Allen Cooper, Taparia, Bosch, Flamingo, Eveready and more.

Customer satisfaction is a big priority for the company. The website is very user friendly and interactive. It is also perfectly compatible with the mobile. So if you need a security system for your shop and want to buy CCTVs, you should look at what’s available at Tolexo. Similarly, you can buy Tolexo safety shoes, office stationary, printers, photo copy machines and more on this B2B store.

Best Selling Products at Tolexo

Tolexo sells over 1 million industrial products made by some of the biggest B2B sellers from India and abroad. Let’s have a look at what the company sells…

 Safety Products: You can find a variety of safety products at Tolexo such as safety shoes, face protection, emergency medical supplies, safety storage, safety gloves, locker devices, safety alarms, and much more.

Electricals: You can now buy several different types of electrical products such as circuit breakers, switches, relays and push buttons and more on the B2B store.  You can look for the most affordable Tolexo offers for temperature controls, pipes and ducts, voltage regulation, wires and cables, and more at Cashfat.

Power Tools: You can now buy a range of power tools on Tolexo including cutting tools, lubrication tools, pliers, measuring tapes, chisels, pullers, plumbing tools and more.

Latest News on Tolexo is India’s biggest ecommerce platform or business goods and supplies. It is a very ambitious company with big plans. Tolexo plans to have a presence in over 2,000 cities in India by 2018.

Tolexo was founded by is the country’s largest business-to-business (B2B) marketplace and with Tolexo, they wanted to create an online marketplace for industrial products only. 

There are today over 300,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are regularly source products from Tolexo. The company hopes to serve over 1 million soon.

 Brijesh Agrawal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tolexo said in an interview, “We have already delivered to almost 80 per cent of India (over 900 cities), while the next phase is to launch local sourcing and warehousing in south and west India to boost our outreach plan.”

One of the positive steps taken by the company recently was signing an MoU with the Madhya Pradesh government so that SMEs in that state can better leverage the power of buying and selling online. Mr. Agrawal said his company was further exploring a number of other such local and national arrangements soon. 

There are over 8,000 brands that sell their products on Tolexo. The range of products available at the store is very impressive – there are over 1 million products that buyers can choose from.

Mr. Agrawal said, “The industrial and business goods opportunity in India is pegged at over $1 trillion. Of this, the B2B wholesale component as a category is worth $300 billion, which is projected to touch $700 billion by 2020. Since most of this is currently offline, the challenge is to get businesses to buy online.”  

The biggest problem the company faces is the order to cancellation ratio. It is currently at 5 percent. The company is determined to bring it down to 2 percent. This is not an easy thing for a B2B and B2C platform, but the Tolexo management appears quite confident.

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Just go crazy at the website with Cashfat and save money at every turn! You can place an order for power tools, office supplies, cutting tools, lab supplies, electrical products, fasteners, plumbing products, safety products, material handling, car & bike accessories, cleaning, hardware, abrasives, lubrication, welding, and more on Tolexo.

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