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Most Indians know exactly how it is like to stay at a budget hotel in the country. The washrooms are dirty, the floors are not clean, the bed linen is torn, there are mice in the room, the air conditioning does not work, the hotel staff is rude and uncooperative, credit card payments arE not accepted, etc. Yes, we know the familiar feeling.

What would you give to walk into a hotel and find everything perfect, with none of the problems that we talked about here? A lot, one would imagine. With Treebo Hotels India, you will get a quality hotel experience no matter where you are in India at a budget prices. Your rooms are clean, the air conditioning works, the washrooms are hygienic and the staff courteous – all at the most affordable prices.

 What are Treebo Hotels India? is an online site where you can book hotel rooms in over 30 cities across India including but not limited to, Chennai Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Agra, Chandigrah, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Gurgaon, Ooty, Mysore, Juhu, Manali, Munnur, Kolkata, Noida, Pondicherry, Shirdi, Udaipur and Thane.

The company manages over 150 hotels across the country and offers amazing deals on your hotel bookings, in order to make your stay a pleasant one. You will not just get to benefit from a quality hotel experience, but will be able to get it at a very reasonable price.

Treebo Hoels Review – The Story of Treebo Hotels

Let’s talk a bit more about Treebo Hotels. was started by a group of four friends from IIT, with just 4 hotels in Bangalore. Thereafter, in just a few months, the hotel chain has spread to over 30 cities and has more than 150 properties. It clocked sales of $11 million last year, which is pretty impressive for such a young ecommerce start-up.

The founders of Treebo Hotels say that it’s very important for them to build a brand in the highly competitive budget hotel segment in India, which is worth $20 billion. A number of big players have entered the fray as well. OYO Rooms, another young start-up, dominates this industry and recently, there has been news of Paytm entering the budget hotel segment.

Zostel has entered the low-budget hotel segment with its start-up, Zo Rooms, a venture that has received financing from Tiger Global. OYO Rooms has been the market leader, having bagged a massive funding of $100 million from Softbank. Makemytrip and Goibibo are considering entering the low budget hotel space as well.

So Treebo competes with highly ambitious and deeply funded hotel aggregators, although it does not really have an aggregator model. It is more focused on building a brand in the low budget hotel space.

Another challenge is that most people in India are still wary of booking hotel rooms online. A majority of the hotel bookings still happen through offline channels.

 Treebo Hotels say that they are fully capable of getting ahead in this competitive industry. Sidharth Gupta, the 31-year old co-founder of the company says, “It is about establishing a system of flywheel that creates an organic and sustainable circle of building both partner and customer value.”

Sidharth started Treebo with his friends Rahul Chaudhary and Kadam Jeet Jain.  He has worked for McKinsey in the past and was the co-lead of  the strategy team at Myntra.

Sidharth says that his decision to start the company was prompted by his experience of growing in a middle class family and staying at budget hotels, and also by the experience of staying at five star hotels as a highly paid corporate executive.

Is it possible to combine some of the features of a high quality accommodation at budget hotel prices? Yes, it is, and that is the rationale behind Treebo Hotels.

 Treebo does not actually own the hotels in its chain, and it is not responsible for their day-to-day operations. But it takes responsibility for the consumer experience and helps the hotels in its chain get more business.

Some of the initiatives started by Treebo include “My Green Hour” where every employee spends an hour each fortnight answering calls from customers at hotels. On many occasions, the team members check in with the hotels in their chain anonymously, stay for a night or two and find out if the hotels are really run up to the expectations of the company or if they are up to Treebo’s high standards.

The most important thing for Treebo is to build consumer awareness about the brand. One such consumer, who stayed at a Treebo Hotel, speaks of his experiences:  "Treebo Akshay Mayflower is a new property and I had booked it for a large number of people, who were coming from two different States, to host a wedding here in Bengaluru.

The hotel owner, manager and front desk were all so helpful and kind throughout the experience, that it completely felt at home."

It is good feedback and strong word-of-mouth publicity such as this that takes the young start-up forward and helps it grow.

The founders have started other great initiatives such as “Friends of Treebo”. This is a highly innovative auditing program that has been crowdsourced to a group of students, freelancers, travellers and corporate executives.

The Friends of Treebo can conduct an audit at any Treebo property and give their feedback to the team. Their feedback is taken very seriously and action is taken if the hotels are found to be run unprofessionally. The goal is to ensure that every Treebo Hotel maintains high standards as expected by the company.

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